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How You Talk with Your China Clients Directly Even You Don’t Know Chinese

It’s really necessary to communicate with your clients deeply, listen to their requirements directly, what they think about your products. This helps you greatly understand your business opportunity in the huge China market. You may doubt how to access to potential Chinese, talk with them since there’s obviously the language barrier. No worry. Provided you’re looking for those clients who manufacture test machine in China,…


Top 3 Mistakes in Chinese Versions of Global Businesses

China is on its inevitable path to being the world’s largest economy, with $9 trillion GDP, 1.3 billion people and fast growing middle class. This makes crucial important for any business with global aims nowadays. Since Chinese consumers prefer online shopping in native Chinese, more and more come to set up Chinese version of website, expecting selling products to Chinese, but some keep struggling to…


How to Test Loading Speed of Your Website from China

As we all know, the loading speed of one site becomes one of those key factors related to user experience, which impacts strongly not only PV, bounce rate but SEO rankings in further as well. Generally, the loading speed varies depending on DNS, hosting bandwidth and the distance between users and servers. This will slow down in China if your site locates outside China, due…


Why Spanish SEO is important in digital world

Hollywood, famous artists, the United States and English are some of the things that probably come to mind when you think of the West, right? Well, this is only one side of Western culture, specifically the English-speaking side, but what about the other languages? Did you know that several languages are spoken in the American continent, the main one being Spanish? Spanish is one of…


5 Ways To Hike KOL Advertising To Chinese Travelers

Source from ParkLU KOL Advertising can help brands connect with China’s massive $261 billion USD outbound tourism market. But companies can do much more than offer free trips and merchandise to build working relationships with KOLs. KOL Advertising in China began as a small experiment a few years ago and has turned into a $8 billion industry. The tourism sector, in particular, has made a massive transformation…