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China B2C Market Share on Specific 11-11 Day

Tmall, showed its dominant in China online B2C market, with the revenue of US$17.7 billions on the past China single festival. Here’s the share details about Tmall and its competitors in China.   Market Share of China e-Commerce, on 11·11 of 2015-2016   Overseas Sales Share of These e-Commerce Platforms, on 11·11 of 2016   ​Introduction of These Leading B2C e-Commerce Platforms 1, Tmall.com Tmall…


How to Handle with Common Challenges from International Companies in China

John Wei, CEO of QiYang, was invited to give a lecture on KITA, aka Korea International Trade Association, with the subject of “How to Handle with Common Challenges from International Companies in China”, dated on April 29th, 2016. Here are some challenges in common those international businesses have to face in the local China market. how to learn local competitors, with their digital strategy, online…


Take Advantage of L.T.D. Partnership in The Trends of Business Future

K.E.Y. PLATFORM is a global conference held by MoneyToday Media, 2016 Korea, where we can freely “Knock around” with various ideas, and “be Educated” with new knowledge and “Yield everything” to solve the difficult issues together. Mr. John Wei, CEO of QiYang Co., Ltd., was invited to have a speech on this conference, with the subject of “Take Advantage of L.T.D. Partnership in The Trends…


Get First Dibs on Your Competition’s Market Intelligence and Succeed in China Online Marketing

In the competitive China online marketing space, there are two types of business owners: one being concerned with merely getting traffic and the other (smarter marketer) knowing the traffic sources are coming from and how to maximize their traffic for monetization. Source of traffic may vary ranging from SEO, PPC, social media, online press release, ad display on verticals. Obviously, everyone seems to know or…


Brief Update of AliPay Global

Here’s a brief update of AliPay Global, after a closer review on its business online. According to its website, the main business of AliPay Global currently are cross-border website payment, cross-border mobile payment, and Alipay ePass. This indicates AliPay Global strategy: tax reimbursement, cross border e-commerce and its overseas public transit, especially in Singapore, Thailand, and Macau to serve for outbound Chinese tourists. As an quick…