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“Outbound Travel” Searched on Baidu – 2017Q3

Outbound Travel is the fast growing market in China. Therefore, those keywords related to “Outbound Travel” come to hot on Baidu search. Monthly Search Volume on Baidu PC   Country Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Country Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Thailand 66,000 60,000 45,000 Japan 48,000 42,000 45,000 Russia 39,000 24,600 11,100 Mauritius 33,000 42,000 26,400 Maldives 23,700 20,400 18,000 Vietnam 20,100 18,600 18,600 U.S.A 13,800 24,600 20,100 Britain…


Market Share Update of E-commerce in China, 11-11 of 2017

The special day of 11-11 just passed in China. Those giants in e-commerce showed dominant in market share, while other vertical players operate harder than before. Of top 20 e-commerce platforms in China, this 11-11 generated delivery packages of 1.38 billion, with total revenue of US$39.07 billions. Here’s the share list of top 5. Tmall: 66.2% JD: 21.4% Suning: 4.3% Vipshop: 3.4% Amazon China: 2.0% Others: 2.6% Those verticals, e.g., Jumei, Beauty…


How Your Hotel Stands Out on Baidu Engine in 3 Weeks

Most hotels and resorts love wealthy Chinese tourists since China becomes now the largest outbound tourism country in the world. However, almost all of these hotels sell rooms to Chinese through OTA, aka online travel agency. Hotels prefer Chinese play bookings on their websites directly, but how can we expect this happens one day? Client: A 4 stars hotel in Bangkok, and it’s also regarded…


“Country Study Abroad” Searched by Chinese, Click Price Comparison on Baidu & Google

This is the comparison of click price both on Baidu and Google, in terms of the keywords “country study abroad” Chinese students and families made on major 2 engines. The price on Google changes a lot with some peaks on specific countries, e.g. Spain and Norway.   Country Baidu/Sept. Google/Sept. Country Baidu/Sept. Google/Sept. U.S.A US$5.40 US$2.40 Japan US$5.40 US$3.50 Australia (Aussie) US$2.40 US$1.80 (Australia) US$3.60…