China Reputation Management

Reputation management has come into wide use with the advent of widespread computing. Reputation management is the process of tracking and reporting an entity’ actions and other entities’ opinions about those actions, and reacting to that report creating a feedback loop. The tracking and reporting may range from word-of-mouth to statistical analysis of thousands of data points. Since online buyers tend to make buying decision after they learn others experience, the power of word-of-mouth may boost your online business and lead your e-business in vain as well. People trust others other than you. That’s the point you need the online reputation management. Value of Reputation Management

  • keep positive image of your e-business in public
  • impact potential buyers to buy from you
  • react quickly before the crisis explodes

The process of reputation management is central to all kinds of human interaction, including interpersonal relationships, international diplomacy, stock markets, communication through marketing and public relations and sports.


  • Definition of social media coverings and the name of brand, company or products
  • Tracking those messages related to the desired keywords
  • Reaction to any posts, comments
  • Tracking, tweaking to loop

China-PR-Management Since there’s always commercial integrity in China market environment, most Chinese prefer to learn from his/her friends, colleagues in the buying cycle. It would be much more important to track and manage what those of your customers talk about your brand.  

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