China Video Marketing

Video marketing as the trends of digital marketing, will dominate online marketing in the future, due to the following facts,

  • Today, 34% of all online activity is spent watching video.
  • 80% of all web traffic will be video related by 2019.
  • 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions.
  • 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it.
  • Video can improve landing page conversion by 83%.
  • Videos in emails can result in 300% increase in click-through rates.
  • Campaigns which use videos in their marketing enjoy 27% higher CTR and 34% higher web conversion rates than those which don’t.
  • Web pages with videos in them generally experience a 157% increase in organic traffic.
  • Marketers who use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.
  • Video content is more likely to get shared.

China’s online video market hits 76% penetration, led by iQiyi, Tencent Video and YouKu. That’s a great opportunity to let your brand stand out in China through video marketing if you do things right.

We can help you reach your vast customers on the world’s largest online network, with our service of China video marketing.

  • Video Strategy: research on local China competitors with their video and activities, and give advise on what the right video should be to compete against competitors. Help clients for video script copywriting accordingly.
  • Video Translation: translate English content to Chinese in your video.
  • Video Marketing Message: help your message looks clearly defined, to be used for all types of video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, website videos, and video advertising.
  • Video SEO: video SEO with right title, description and keywords tags, to help your video show up in video platforms and search engines.
  • Video Campaign Management: find out right target audience on those China video channels that suit for you. Deliver your video, and manage engagement of your video with audience.
  • Video Ads: strategically launch, manage and optimize video advertising campaigns on China video channels so you get results.
  • Social Video: create custom video campaigns on Weibo, and WeChat, the largest 2 social media in China.
  • Campaign Analysis​: analyze video metrics to determine how we can improve your strategy.

Captivate your target Chinese audience during the buyer’s journey!

China’s Top 10 Video Sharing Platforms (APP)
Active Users & Total Penetration of Active Users

China’s Top 10 Video Sharing Platforms (APP)
Time Spent

Top 10 of China’s Most Popular Short Video (APP)
Active Users & Total Penetration of Active Users

Top 10 of China’s Most Popular Short Video (APP)
Time Spent

Source:, 2020 06

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