Digital Marketing Applied in Different Industries of B2B and B2C

Today, with the rapid development of new technology, industry 4.0 and modern service industry, all industries are decreasingly dependent on traditional marketing. Digital marketing and online advertising become key role in marketing campaigns. One study by Smart Insights shows that more than 80% of industries have a well-established process of network marketing, especially digital marketing and online advertising, in their business operations.

Internet marketing works in such a full measurable and controllable way, to serve for marketing objectives with corresponding budget. The marketing itself has also undergone profound changes, from well-known SEO optimization, SEM advertising, content marketing, precision advertising, soft text publishing, word-of-mouth marketing, email marketing, to today’s social marketing, target marketing, account marketing, video marketing and cross multi-channel marketing. The short video has become popular in social network, attracting people attention greatly. How to generate good content in web page and video with right storytelling is the biggest challenge in the future of online marketing.

The real problem with online marketing in all industries is that ROI varies in varied industries even though we applies same marketing strategy. In some industries, such as law, digital marketing returns are pretty higher than manufacturing. What the real rules work behind? How should we react on this?

Digital marketing plays vitally in its application of different industries, showing us return profit, possibilities, and imagination, and affecting our business operation.


Surprisingly to many people, digital marketing has made remarkable achievement in law service section.

Most lawyers love to share their legal expertise with others, which affects more people by quick spreading through website, blogs and social. Therefore, nearly 1/4 of law firms already have a system of content marketing in order to attract more customers. Although the investment is not much, the conversion of online marketing in legal industry, is quite good, with good return on investment.

Real Estate

The migration of people from rural to urban has boosted the real estate industry for a long time. Real estate agents, experts and engineers explored a range of digital marketing channels to showcase real estate products to potential customers. Digital marketing seems to be more profitable for real estate marketers than traditional marketing.


In the manufacturing sector, developing a sound digital marketing strategy is as important as in other industry. Specifically, successful manufacturing digital marketing enables manufacturers to connect with customers in a fast and efficient way. Unfortunately, nearly 50% of manufacturing companies currently do not have a clear digital marketing strategy. For this reason, there are great opportunities in the industry.

The sales of manufacturing product contains complex process of more education and trust-building, definition of requirement, technical issue to be resolved, business negotiations and transactions. This puts high demands on the role play of each stage of marketing. Almost 91% of B2B marketers use social networks to create business data on the platforms, attracting potential customers and increasing brand awareness. Every manufacturing company should incorporate network marketing into its work and focus on its operations.

Travel / Tourism

Tourism is one of the first industries to adopt digital marketing. This early adoption also enables the industry to master the latest digital marketing trends. The increase in the number of mobile users, the decline in the price of digital marketing services, and the increased effectiveness of social media strategies have led to widespread adoption of digital marketing in travel and tourism.

Now, the industry is gradually but rapidly witnessing the transition from desktop to mobile. Not only the hotel industry, but the entire digital consumption has undergone this transformation. Digital consumption has changed dramatically from a few years ago. As a result, the highly saturated travel and tourism industry has emerged as a startup in the modern world, limited to mobile devices. Literally, the entire industry is moving in the direction of mobility.

According to recent research, 95% of customers read reviews before they book online. Whether its searching for airfare or hotel deals, destination travel, best time to visit or reading reviews – the internet has always been their source of information. Digital marketing is very widely used in travel and tourism.

Training / Education

The education and training industry may be an industry where digital marketing is less profitable, and companies are brutally competitive at an alarming rate. This is due to the development of online media, and students and training institutions are easy to establish direct interaction on platforms. Of course, one of the drawbacks of online education is that copyright is easily violated and rights protection is difficult.

Despite this, more and more educational consumers are turning to the Internet and online media cannot be ignored. Digital marketing has become an important part of the education field because of its advantages of high efficiency, wide coverage, strong interaction and easy measurement. Employed enterprises attach great importance to network marketing and promotion, and are good at using digital channels to promote different course products.


Even if you believe that your level of service or skilled relocation staff makes your relocation company different, most customers just want to find a decent relocation company at a reasonable price. Most people will only type “relocation company” in the search bar and click “Find”. They may check out the first few company information, but once they find a company with the correct hourly rate, they will book it immediately. SEO has become a top priority in the field of relocation services.


The pharmaceutical industry has been desperately keeping pace with the digital world. Compared to other major industries, it has fallen behind a lot in digital marketing. This can be attributed to the conservativeness and slowness of the industry, which has been at a loss for everything for a long time.

Digitization has begun to change the pharmacy industry like others. Treatment is shifting to results-based, people are reaching out to their health care providers, and new and innovative start-ups are emerging. Many brands are just beginning to realize the meaning of modern media, and although it knows how much it can undermine business, most marketing executives seem to know nothing about how to do digital marketing.

Regardless of whether the brand likes it or not, the pharmaceutical industry will embrace digital marketing sooner or later. If they don’t, they will inevitably be eliminated.

Health / Medical Treatment

77% of people admit that when they feel unwell, they will use the web search to find out their condition and seek for solution of health check before going to the hospital. For this reason, more and more medical institutions use websites, blogs and social media to provide online quizzes and medical consultations for patients to interact with future patients. In the process, people digitally build trust with healthcare providers.

The Internet has played an irreplaceable role in the search for basic medical information. Digital marketing is so important to healthcare professionals and delivers great returns.


If there is an industry that improves mass media marketing, it is the industry of fast-moving consumer goods, which clearly relies heavily on marketing. Most brands are unaware that the Internet is undergoing major changes in the direction of becoming a market for FMCG or any related commodity.

As the number of people making online purchase decisions grows exponentially, it is possible to increase conversion rates through digital marketing and then increase sales. Effective marketing is critical to the FMCG. The key to selling these products is the brand’s authenticity between consumers and setting appropriate quality standards to outperform other competitors. Digital marketing can achieve its goals by implementing the right strategies, thereby expanding coverage and helping to attract consumer interest to relevant products.

Today, most brands display products 24/7 on the web, giving customers the flexibility and convenience they need to order whatever they want, when and where they want.

Industry reports show that online consumers spend twice as much on fast-moving consumer goods as offline consumers. By 2020, the consumption of FMCG will be affected by a 65% figure. Therefore, investing in digital marketing is a wise choice.


By 2020, 60-70% of new car sales opportunities will be generated by digital platforms, whether through websites, mobile websites, social media or app applications.

Historically, the automotive industry has always relied on marketing. Given the huge budget, auto companies have used all channels from magazine advertising to TV commercials, radio shows to newspaper promotions to promote automotive products. Recently, digital marketing has become one of the most emphasized marketing models in the automotive industry. Digital marketing can cover a wider target audience and tailor marketing strategies to specific target audiences.

Based on personal information collected through different digital marketing analytics tools, online media can be used to create a truly personalized experience for each individual buyer, thereby targeting potential customers to a brand.

It is expected that by 2030, due to the digitization of the automotive industry, cars will be transformed into “mobile as a service”, which will become the basic element of connected life. These developments are indicative of the huge potential of digital marketing in the automotive industry in the future.


There is no doubt that retail is the industry that has benefited the most from digital marketing. Retailers have a wide range of digital marketing mechanisms and online retailing is booming. To this point, retail has invested heavily in digital marketing, and more and more companies are experimenting with online competition and adopting multi-channel or multiple-channel approaches for online commerce.

In addition to major retailers, the retail industry for home and consumer electronics is also receiving strong returns from digital platform marketing.

Food / Restaurant

People eat food everyday. That’s why the catering industry is increasingly using digital channels. More than 4/5 restaurants use the online network or plan to use them as their primary marketing strategy. If you are a restaurant owner, the best thing is to quickly build a social channel that interacts with your customers.

Professionals in the food and catering industry have responded enthusiastically to these digital channels, and online web activities that include images have a lot of emotional connections that enhance customer engagement. Digital marketing strategies allow customers to feel that their organization really considers their dietary preferences when they are attracted.


As more and more people buy fashion products online, digital marketing is of great value to online retailers. The large e-commerce platform promotes goods online quite quickly. Within a few seconds, new trends can be spread to thousands of audience.

Smart fashion marketers are also good at using top products for marketing purposes. They repeat their activities across a variety of marketing channels to create enough resonance and brand value recognition.


There is no doubt that the entertainment industry is benefiting from digital marketing. Entertainment content is not only an important influencer of public trends, but also one of the main types of content on digital platforms.

The entertainment industry is also well represented on various social media platforms and uses various forms of social media advertising to attract consumers’ hearts. Social media influential people and digital marketing practitioners are well integrated to provide a variety of ways for industry participants to embrace the promotion of programs, movies and events that consumers embrace.

The digital channel provides a platform for easily accessing the personal data of followers, and the platform can be further integrated with analytics to promote specific entertainment projects to specific target audiences. Entertainment organizations that use digital marketing have a higher return on investment than traditional media.

Digital Marketing Application in Sections / Industries


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