Target Behavior Research

The purpose of target behavior research is to serve for target display accurately, based on targets behaviors in your buying cycle. The research would be conducted by,

  • identifying customers through some specific visit
  • tracking front visits before buying in certain period

target-behavior1 Assessment begins with a broad scope and uses the information gathered to narrow its focus. Through a process of screening, defining problems or goals, specifying target behaviors, monitoring, and following up on progress, assessment guides all aspects of behavior change. Once a target behavior has been identified, it must be carefully and completely defined in observable and measurable terms. A good definition is objective, clear, and discriminative between what is and what is not an example of the target behavior. target-behavior2 target-behavior3 target-behavior4 target-behavior5   As same targets show different behavioral intention in buying cycle, we thereby develop varied campaigns to serve for different groups of targets.  

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