We’ve been in the online marketing industry since 1998. We do believe our experience is of high value when helping you establish and operate your e-business in China.

  • Oct., 1998: QiYang was founded in Shanghai, China.
  • Mar., 1999: Offered e-business consulting service for ZhongYuan Group, a large public company in global logistics.
  • Mar., 2000: Launched MarketingBetter.com in Chinese version, to serve for China enterprises. QiYang was regarded as a leading online marketing company in China with good reputation.
  • Mar., 2001: Established partnership with other online marketing companies in Asia, USA, Europe.
  • Oct., 2002: Released its e-book titled “Discovering The Secrets of Online Marketing” on China web.
  • Oct., 2003: Released its “Sales Mentor” program.
  • Aug., 2004: Won a significant projects from famous IT companies like Ctrip.com, 51job.com.
  • May, 2005: Made a wonderful speech on the seminar of China online marketing. Feb., 2006: Held a quantity of large, middle size of enterprises as its customer base, in varied industries.
  • May, 2006: John, CEO of QiYang, was invited to Korea Tourism Administration, to make a speech of Search Engine Marketing in China.
  • Apr., 2007: Offered the service of online marketing consulting to Shanghai Municipal Government, for its travelling site.
  • Mar., 2008: John was invited as an expert of iRearch.
  • Oct., 2009: Released its beta program on E-Business Intelligence Optimization.
  • Feb., 2010: Released its whitepaper titled The Guideline of China E-Business Development.
  • Apr., 2011: Executed result-oriented SEO to boost output of SEO projects.
  • Nov., 2012: Established solid business partners in Switzerland.
  • Feb., 2013: Served for NBA Miami Heat with international SEO project.
  • Mar., 2014: Delivered excellent PPC service to GMAC, a global well-known education organization.
  • Sept., 2014: John Wei made speech on an digital conference in Switzerland.
  • Apr., 2015: John Wei was invited having seminars with Samsung China and Beijing Hyundai, in terms of digital strategy in China.
  • Nov., 2016: Delivered China market research report to Sensirion Switzerland.
  • Mar., 2017: Served for Hanwha of Korea with outstanding SEO service.


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