Case Reviews

We’ve served lots of international and local customers from varied industries in the past 25 years. We encourage you to contact us for more case studies closer to your business. 1, SEO Customer: 51job Industry: HR Category: B2C URL: SEO Consulting About: 51job (Nasdaq:JOBS) is a leading human resource solutions provider in China, offering a broad array of services in the areas of recruitment solutions, training and assessment, and HR tools and outsourcing services. 51job serves hundreds of thousands of domestic and multinational corporate clients through 26 offices in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Challenge: 51job was developed as an online HR platform last century. The SEO team felt tough to optimize millions of seo-unfriendly pages when competing for hundreds of keywords on China search engines. Solution:

  • keywords analysis to sort out hundreds of keywords in value priority
  • strategy to match 2 structures of business keywords and website content
  • working with seo team to optimize the system with keywords

Results: At the final stage of consulting project, 51job became seo friendly system, which operated effectively to compete for those keywords ranking with its pages. The organic traffic from major search engines in China increased 78%. The volume of new resumes doubled meanwhile. 2, SEO + PPC Customer: 51job Industry: IT Category: B2B URL: SEO+PPC About: WebEx Communications Inc. is a Cisco company that provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and video conferencing applications. Its products include Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, Support Center, Sales Center, MeetMeNow, PCNow, WebEx AIM Pro Business Edition, WebEx WebOffice, WebEx Connect, and others. According to analyst firm IDC, WebEx is an on-demand market leader. Challenge: WebEx USA had a seo-friendly CRM (content management system) but didn’t work well for Chinese SEO. And its PPC campaign in US couldn’t be applied correctly on China web. WebEx realized that there existed SEO gap between US headquarter and China branch and needed China SEO consultant to be involved with their organization to eliminate the SEO gap. Solution:

  • SEO training in marketing department of WebEx China
  • developing documentation of optimization on Chinese version, helping communication with SEO teams in US
  • keywords analysis and copywriting for PPC advertising
  • PPC campaign and performance reporting

Results: Amount of “A leads” marked by WebEx increased 46% and “B & C leads” accumulated 37% in additional, while the cost of PPC remained the same level as before. Again, we strongly encourage you to connect with us for more case studies in your industry.  

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