Major Changes and Strategies for Weibo Marketing in 2024

The main changes and strategies for Weibo marketing in 2024 can be summarized from the following aspects:

Widespread Application of AI-Generated Content (AIGC)

The application of AI technology in the marketing field will accelerate, bringing fundamental changes to marketing strategies. This means that marketers need to acquire new skills and redefine their roles to adapt to this change.

Adjustments to the Ad Sharing Program

Weibo has upgraded and adjusted its ad sharing program, offering revenue shares only to verified accounts (gold, orange, media blue, and institutional blue accounts) and increasing the subsidy amount. This indicates that Weibo is optimizing the allocation of its platform resources while increasing support for high-quality content creators.

New Trends in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to be an important marketing approach, especially in the era of social media and short videos, as influencers’ impact is growing. The collaboration models between brands and influencers are also evolving, with a greater emphasis on sales performance and ROI evaluation.

Application of the oCPX Ad Placement Model

Brands like Lancôme have effectively reduced their exposure costs and traffic acquisition costs by using the oCPX ad placement model. This data-driven approach to automatically adjusting ad placement strategies provides brands with a more efficient marketing method.

Precise Targeting and High-Quality Content Creation

When conducting Weibo promotion and traffic acquisition, it is essential to accurately target the desired audience and create high-quality content. Additionally, effective strategies include leveraging Weibo advertising, establishing KOL partnerships, actively participating in interactive marketing, and continuously analyzing data for optimization to enhance brand influence.

Innovation in Vertical Content and Holiday Marketing

Weibo has organized events such as #WeiboNewYear# to activate content production and interactive scenarios, engaging millions of users in discussions. This approach, combining holiday marketing and vertical content innovation, can effectively increase user engagement and brand exposure.

The major changes in Weibo marketing in 2024 include the in-depth application of AI technology, adjustments to advertising policies, changes in influencer marketing trends, the effectiveness of the oCPX ad placement model, the importance of precise marketing strategies, and innovation in vertical content and holiday marketing. Brands should develop corresponding strategies based on these changes to adapt to market developments and evolving user needs.