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Major Changes and Strategies for Weibo Marketing in 2024

The main changes and strategies for Weibo marketing in 2024 can be summarized from the following aspects: Widespread Application of AI-Generated Content (AIGC) The application of AI technology in the marketing field will accelerate, bringing fundamental changes to marketing strategies. This means that marketers need to acquire new skills and redefine their roles to adapt to this change. Adjustments to the Ad Sharing Program Weibo…


Weibo Launching Super Fan 3.0

Weibo recently announced the launch of a new advertising product “Super Fan 3.0”. Through innovations in marketing scenes, advertising styles, advertising algorithms, big data analysis and other aspects, Weibo helps advertisers improve social marketing efficiency in an all-round way. In terms of marketing scenarios, Weibo has launched a new advertising product of “watching while doing something else” to achieve innovation in video advertising. This became…