Weibo Launching Super Fan 3.0

Weibo recently announced the launch of a new advertising product “Super Fan 3.0”. Through innovations in marketing scenes, advertising styles, advertising algorithms, big data analysis and other aspects, Weibo helps advertisers improve social marketing efficiency in an all-round way.

In terms of marketing scenarios, Weibo has launched a new advertising product of “watching while doing something else” to achieve innovation in video advertising. This became the focus of the upgrade of “Super Fan 3.0”. Users can synchronously browse H5, download apps, follow accounts and other operations while watching videos.

The data shows that in March 2020, the number of Weibo video playbacks and the number of broadcast users both increased by more than 30% year-on-year, and the video ecosystem is becoming more and more perfect. Through in-depth integration with user video consumption scenarios, “watching while doing something else” advertising effectively shortens the advertising conversion path and helps advertisers achieve higher conversion efficiency.

In terms of advertising style, “Super Fan 3.0” has further improved the “Cornucopia” service platform. Find a suitable “spokesperson” for advertisers through comprehensive data mining and provide standardized KOL online proxy services. Weibo helps advertisers use the influence of celebrities and KOLs to break through private domain restrictions, reach audiences with precision, and enhance brand assets.

The market research organization iResearch pointed out in the “2019 China KOL Marketing Strategy White Paper” that, combined with AdMaster’s research data, the types of platforms where KOL is stationed are obviously more popular with advertisers. KOL’s native social platform advertising accounted for as much as 69%. In the survey of social marketing method selection intention, KOL marketing ranked first with 60%.

In KOL marketing, Weibo has obvious advantages. At present, about 29,000 entertainment stars are active on the Weibo platform. At the same time, the vertical field covered by Weibo has been expanded to 64 fields, and it is an important platform for users to obtain information interests. Based on the effective integration of the above-mentioned massive KOL resources, Weibo tested and launched the “Cornucopia” service platform last year, which has been widely used in daily industries, games, mobile phones, e-commerce and other industries, serving customers including Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, Nike, Adidas , Vivo, Taobao, Jingdong and other well-known brands.

In addition to providing standardized online proxy investment services, this upgrade also introduces features such as comment sticky customer reviews.

In terms of advertising algorithms, “Super Fan 3.0” launched the “Smart Bidding System”. Through the introduction of deep learning technology, automatic programmatic delivery, dynamic return of data, and continuous optimization of bidding, Weibo helps advertisers solve the problems of difficult bidding, difficult cost control, and high operating costs.

Facing the general trend of mobile and socialization in the global advertising industry, Weibo launched Fan Connect in 2012, officially involved in information flow advertising. Since then, Weibo has continuously improved data service capabilities and optimized marketing service processes to help customers improve marketing efficiency.

In recent years, Weibo’s social marketing value and KOL and star marketing value have been increasingly recognized by the society and advertisers, and has become a recognized social marketing “must buy” platform. As the needs of advertisers continue to change, new technologies and new concepts are introduced, and “super fans” who carry the important mission of Weibo marketing are also constantly upgrading and breaking through, and continue to lead the latest direction of social marketing.