Booming Chinese Short-Form Dramas Driving New Brand Marketing Strategies

Short-form drama marketing has become a rising trend, with major brands and video platforms rushing to get involved. Just like blooming flowers in springtime, these bite-sized dramas have quickly blossomed in the video market, capturing the attention of countless viewers.

Imagine watching a concise and tightly-plotted drama series, when suddenly a character pulls out a skincare product or a mobile phone. This is no coincidence – it is a brand cleverly integrating its products into the storyline, allowing the audience to subconsciously remember the brand. This is one way short-form drama marketing works, closely integrating the brand and the narrative to let viewers accept brand information while enjoying the story.

For example, the cosmetics brand Hanskin collaborated with popular short-form drama influencers on Douyin (TikTok), resulting in a series that garnered over 5 billion views. The “Hanskin Red Waist Gift Box” featured prominently in the dramas saw sales skyrocket to 2.9 million units – a testament to the power of short-form drama marketing.

Short-form drama marketing goes beyond mere product placement. Brands can leverage celebrity influence, customize storylines, or become the drama’s title sponsor to deeply bind the brand and short drama, gaining greater exposure and attention. Some dramas are even named after the brand, or incorporate interactive elements to increase audience engagement and brand affinity.

Moreover, short-form drama marketing has a unique advantage – it can directly link to product pages. After watching the drama, if the audience is interested in a featured product, they can simply click to purchase, providing brands a fast track to sales conversion.

Of course, to fully harness the potential of short-form drama marketing, brands need to have a deep understanding of their target audience, choose appropriate platforms and collaboration models, and ensure high-quality drama content. Only then can the marketing effectiveness be maximized.

Looking ahead, as short-form drama marketing continues to evolve and improve, we have good reason to believe this emerging marketing approach will help brands uncover more growth opportunities and open up new frontiers in marketing.