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Some Baidu SEO Tips

For Baidu search engine optimization, we should follow the formal website optimization method to avoid detours in the Baidu search engine optimization process. Below are our Baidu SEO tips, for your reference. High-quality Content is the top priority of Baidu SEO optimization Some webmasters collect a large number of articles to update their websites frequently in order to quickly get keyword rankings. We must create…


How Many Leads Would You Expect through China SEO

How Many Leads Would You Expect through China SEO? It depends on your industry, target keywords, your brand awareness, your webiste UX(user experience), converion rate, etc. Here, we give the actual number of leads growth of one of our customers for your reference. Industry: Human Resource Service: China SEO Period: from 2018 till now The total sales leads the client achievd in 2020, was 286,…


Does https Make Sense in Chinese SEO

As we all know, https can effectively improve the security of information transmission. Compared with http websites, those websites with https protocol have higher scores in the SEO search ranking algorithm and have more chances to achieve higher keyword rankings. In China, does https help in SEO? It may be beyond your imagination. The answer is no help. On Baidu, you can easily observe the…