Some Baidu SEO Tips

For Baidu search engine optimization, we should follow the formal website optimization method to avoid detours in the Baidu search engine optimization process. Below are our Baidu SEO tips, for your reference.

High-quality Content is the top priority of Baidu SEO optimization

Some webmasters collect a large number of articles to update their websites frequently in order to quickly get keyword rankings. We must create valuable, high-quality content as much as possible based on content. These contents are searched by users and can solve the needs of users.

Understand the Essence of Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO optimization is a long-term process that takes 3-6 months. It is recommended that you must be mentally prepared before doing Baidu SEO.

External Link Building

High-quality backlinks are helpful for Baidu SEO optimization, that’s for sure. However, let’s not take external links too seriously. In contrast, the impact of external links on Baidu SEO is much lower than that of Google.

User Experience in Priority

At the beginning of network construction, we should plan the user experience and continue to improve it in the subsequent optimization process. Because user experience data can directly affect Baidu search’s judgment on page quality.