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How to Improve Your Keyword Rankings on Baidu

Everyone knows that increasing the keyword ranking of one website enables the website to continuously obtain stable traffic. However, with the development trend of the Internet industry, Baidu’s search optimization algorithm is often upgraded, and the search market is fiercely competitive. Nowadays, it has become more and more difficult to make a keyword up. How to improve the website so that the keyword ranking is…


Baidu SEO Guide & SEO Resource

As the Chinese search giant with its 70% market share, Baidu used to keep its changing as always in Baidu SEO and/or Baidu SEM, which may covers partially its ranking algorithm, PPC policy, secret sandbox, keywords censorship, etc. From this point, every webmaster has to face this challenge, and try to come up with every of Baidu change, in terms of SEO and PPC game…


Baidu SEO Updates

Here’s a┬álist of update records on Baidu SEO from Baidu officially, including Baidu algorithm, Baidu search rules and policies, etc. May 24, 2021: Prohibited the folding of the main content of the landing page May 14, 2020: Released a new service of “Quick Inclusion”, which guarantees to include submitted pages within 48 hours April 6, 2020: Published “Baidu APP Mobile Search Landing Page Experience White…