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Baidu Real-Time Works Better Than Its Equivalent in Google Analysis

You’re familiar with REAL-TIME of Google Analytics, which helps you understand, how many people are landing on your site? what they are looking at right now? You can update the information by refreshing in the GA panel, keeping track of what exactly happens on your site at this time. Baidu has the same function in its Baidu Tongji, very similar to Google Analytics, but Baidu goes much…


“Outbound Travel” Searched by Chinese, Click Price Comparison on Baidu & Google

This is the comparison of click price both on Baidu and Google, in terms of the keywords “outbound travel” Chinese students and families made on major 2 engines.   Country Baidu/Oct. Google/Oct. Country Baidu/Oct. Google/Oct. Thailand US$5.54 US$1.80 Japan US$5.54 US$1.30 Russia US$2.31 US$1.20 Mauritius US$1.85 US$1.10 Maldives US$1.85 US$2.40 Vietnam US$2.46 US$1.95 U.S.A US$4.31 US$1.50 Britain US$2.46 US$1.45 The Republic of Korea US$5.54 US$1.45…


Loading Speed Optimization for WordPress Sites in China

Believe it or not, almost all of WordPress themed sites have loading speed problems in China due to Great Fire Wall, because some powerful plugins and CSS on most issues are called from remote servers outside of China, despite they are hosted within China. The loading speed is, in absolute terms, the big problem in terms of user experience that has a big impact on keyword rankings in China’s search…


“Outbound Travel” Searched on Baidu – 201710

Outbound Travel is the fast growing market in China. Therefore, those keywords related to “Outbound Travel” come to hot on Baidu search. Monthly Search Volume on Baidu PC & Mobile   Country PC Mobile Country PC Mobile Thailand 60,000 330,000 Japan 42,000 111,000 Russia 24,600 99,000 Mauritius 42,000 3,000 Maldives 20,400 10,500 Vietnam 18,600 87,000 U.S.A 24,600 42,000 Britain 12,300 18,300 The Republic of Korea 12,300…


Crucial Rates of Return and Conversion of Customers

Most clients come to us with simple requests like, Can you help us with Baidu SEO with a list of target keywords? What is your press release position that covers the main portals of China? How can we run a marketing campaign on WeChat? Well, we used to communicate with these customers, to find out if customers have correct competitive strategies in China’s online market….