How to Increase Brand Search Volume & Brand Sales Conversion

When SMEs promote, they used to keep eyes on the effects of input and output.

So what is more effective? Doing well in China ePR is a good approach of digital marketing in China. China ePR is controllable in terms of investment costs, and secondly, in terms of corporate advantage mining, the content is relatively rich, and the timeliness of dissemination is also very long.

In addition, through news marketing and promotion, the company’s reputation on the search platform can also be improved, so that when customers search and understand the company, the user’s favorability can be improved, thereby increasing user consumption or cooperation opportunities. Some business owners believe that search word-of-mouth has nothing to do with the business. In fact, when customers need to learn about the business or product through search, they have already produced consumption or cooperation intentions. Therefore, the effect of searching word of mouth will directly affect the trust of the other party and the progress of cooperation.

How to do a good job in corporate news marketing? As an important carrier for the spread of corporate brand reputation, small and medium-sized corporate corporate news promotion can not only dig into corporate stories and product features, but also deliver corporate honors and market cases to target audiences in a timely and effective manner. The readability of the text and the credibility of the publishing media will bring better endorsement effects to companies and brands, and make it easier for the audience to identify with the company mentally.

The promotion of advertisment is not to simply state the company profile and product functions, but to systematically integrate the various demands of the company, such as the history of the company’s development, the stories of the core characters, product innovation and characteristics, high-quality market cooperation cases, and major industry issues. Dynamic fusion and so on. To achieve good results, you need to have professional news strategy design capabilities, in addition to high-quality copywriting capabilities, a wide range of media publishing capabilities, and the guarantee of search results on major search platforms.

The most important thing in the promotion of corporate news is strategy design. This number is not as much as possible, because small-scale enterprises do not have so many high-value communication points. If they have to produce 30 or 40 news items, there will be many repetitions in news points, which is not the best performance-price ratio.

For small-scale companies, how many news articles per year are appropriate? Twelve articles per year or 24 articles per year are more suitable numbers. It can not only effectively reflect corporate development, brand stories, core character stories and product features, but also timely deliver market trends, high-quality cases or typical channel partners, etc. The most important thing is higher cost performance