Marketing Data Analysis in China

Using data to drive user growth, revenue growth, and profit growth has become an important method for many companies in their digital transformation and upgrading. Facing the uncertainty of the international economic environment, what important changes will the marketing data analysis market have?

From behavior analysis to user operation, the core value of marketing data analysis is changing

In the past 5-10 years, “marketing data analysis” has focused more on user behavior analysis. Use tracking technology to collect user behavior data and analyze it to provide support for decision-making. With the popularization of user behavior analysis tools and the accumulation of relevant data, using these data for automated precision marketing and refined operations has become a new demand. Marketing data analysis companies move from pure user behavior data collection and data analysis to automated and refined operation of users.

The marketing data analysis market will reach 4 to 5 billion CNY in 2022, with a growth rate of 60%

China’s marketing data analysis market is still in the growth stage, maintaining rapid growth. With the deepening of industry digitization, more and more traditional enterprises pay more and more attention to the development and data analysis of their own digital applications. Companies in third- and fourth-tier cities will become important target markets for marketing data analysis.

Deep integration of marketing data analysis and business scenarios

The in-depth integration of marketing data analysis and specific business scenarios has spawned corresponding analysis models and automated marketing programs. Live e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, Internet medical treatment, video and web conferences, cloud exhibitions, and intelligent IoT are important business scenarios.

AI and other technologies will become important tools for marketing data analysis

Using AI technology, data analysis service providers can allow customers to build analysis models, conduct in-depth business analysis, obtain corresponding insights and make more beneficial business development and more scientific strategies.

The business model of marketing data analysis has developed from the SaaS model to the project model and other diversified development

The business model of marketing data analysis vendors mainly adopts the SaaS model. As service providers begin to expand into CDP, marketing automation, precision marketing and other businesses, the project model will become an increasingly important business model. In addition, more and more mainstream service providers will launch agency operation services for marketing data analysis. They adopt a business model of operating fees and even revenue sharing.