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“Country Study Abroad” Searched by Chinese, Click Price Comparison on Baidu & Google

This is the comparison of click price both on Baidu and Google, in terms of the keywords “country study abroad” Chinese students and families made on major 2 engines. The price on Google changes a lot with some peaks on specific countries, e.g. Spain and Norway.   Country Baidu/Sept. Google/Sept. Country Baidu/Sept. Google/Sept. U.S.A US$5.40 US$2.40 Japan US$5.40 US$3.50 Australia (Aussie) US$2.40 US$1.80 (Australia) US$3.60…


“Study Abroad” Searched on Baidu – by Country – 2017Q3

Studying abroad is the fast growing market in China , as wealthy Chinese families love to send their kids to the western advanced countries for better education. Therefore, those keywords related to “Study abroad” come to hot on Baidu search. US, Canada, Great Briton and Japan are destination of Chinese studying abroad, for the education in different levels of high school, college and university. Monthly Search Volume…


“Australia Property” Searched on Baidu Mobile – by Australia City – 2017Q3

Australia becomes a hot property investment for most Chinese wealthy people, due to its English language, immigration policy, economic situation and education. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are the top 3 cities Chinese trend to buy houses / apartments there. The search volume of these 3 “city properties” gets almost 1/2 of “Australia properties”.   Country / City Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Country / City Jul-17 Aug-17…


“UK Property” Searched on Baidu Mobile – UK City – 2017Q3

UK is always an important country for Chinese wealthy in terms of overseas investment globally. According to the searches of “city property” on Baidu mobile, London sits on the dominant position apparently in United Kingdom. Search volume of “properties in London” looks 1/2 of “UK properties” in mobile section of Baidu search.   Country / City Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Country / City Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Britain…