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The Impact of WeChat on China’s Employment and Daily Consumption

In March 2019, WeChat, Xintong Institute and Digital China Research Center jointly released WeChat Employment Impact Report. The report mentioned that WeChat had created a total of 22.35 million jobs in 2018. For some vertical apps, it is possible to be a leading position in one industry with 20 million active users. Along with the popularity of WeChat apps, many job opportunities have appeared, including…


Social e-Commerce is The Future

Why e-commerce has been growing rapidly and become a killer of offline store and traditional marketing. Is it just because e-commerce is cheap and super convenient? Traditional marketing has a 4P theory, and although we can’t say that traditional marketing goes dummy, it slices to failure indeed, as marketing tools, resources are undergoing tremendous changes. In the past, it was possible to succeed by bulk…


Why Amazon Lost China Market

It’s said, in the future, that Amazon China will only retain Amazon’s overseas purchases (imports), Amazon’s global stores (exports), Kindle and Amazon cloud computing services. China’s e-commerce business has all been cut down, which indicates that this e-commerce giant in the global market is invincible in the Chinese market. If we say it’s Taobao’s victory in small business and business model when eBay withdrew from…


Mobile Phone Giant Declared to Return to the China Market

In the past few years, the smart phone market keeps changing strongly. China Huawei went global market with its sales exceeding 200 million last year, and became the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer. In addition, Xiaomi has made amazing achievements in the Indian market. Meanwhile, Samsung mobile has encountered the largest waterloo in history in the country, falling from the initial 20% market share to less…


What Could We Expect for AliPay

Recently, we received an inquiry about how to install AliPay outside China as an merchant? Generally speaking, AliPay is the equivalent of PayPal that helps end users and merchants for payment transaction. Any commercial merchant could its AliPay account by visiting global.alipay.com, following its guide step by step. How can we expect AliPay for our business? Does AliPay bring us lots more Chinese customers since AliPay’s…