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Cross-border eCommerce not Worried, but Long Way to Go in Chinese-American Trade War

On March 22, US President Trump signed a trade memorandum with China. According to the press release of the White House, the United States will impose a 25% tariff on products such as aerospace, information and communications technology, and machinery, and the amount involved can reach 60 billion US dollars. There are more than 1,300 products that may be affected. In 2017, the US trade…


Chinese Youth love Europe, Young Women Want HPV Vaccines

The World Tourism Organization of United Nations expressed lately that more than a fifth of the total expenditure of international tourists comes from Chinese tourists, followed by the United States with 1/2 of Chinese expending. Chinese tourists exceeded 130 million in 2017, with a spend of 115.29 billion US dollars and keeping the largest source of outbound tourism in the world, according to Tourism Institute of China. 2018 is the year…


“Outbound Travel” Searched by Chinese, Click Price Comparison on Baidu & Google – 201802

This is the comparison of click price both on Baidu and Google, in terms of the keywords “outbound travel” Chinese students and families made on major 2 engines.   Country Baidu/Feb. Google/Feb. Country Baidu/Feb. Google/Feb. Thailand US$5.71 US$1.20 Japan US$5.54 US$2.70 Russia US$2.31 US$1.43 Mauritius US$1.85 US$1.43 Maldives US$1.85 US$1.43 Vietnam US$2.46 US$0.50 U.S.A US$4.31 US$3.94 Britain US$2.46 US$2.11 The Republic of Korea US$5.54 US$0.93…


“Outbound Travel” Searched on Baidu – 201802

Outbound Travel is the fast growing market in China. Therefore, those keywords related to “Outbound Travel” come to hot on Baidu search. Monthly Search Volume on Baidu PC & Mobile   Country PC Mobile Country PC Mobile Thailand 60,000 396,000 Japan 42,000 135,000 Russia 24,600 51,000 Mauritius 42,000 5,100 Maldives 20,400 16,200 Vietnam 18,600 81,000 U.S.A 24,600 33,000 Britain 12,300 15,600 The Republic of Korea 12,300…


Tmall International Boosting during China Spring Festival, 70% Sales from 90’s

Tmall International revealed the imported e-commerce performance in the past Spring Festival, expressing that the sales boosted 20 times and 70% contributed from 90’s. Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou have become the top 3 cities of imported consumption, followed by Chengdu and Chongqing during Feb 2 to Feb 22, 2018. Thermal of import consumption for provinces and regions in 2015 and 2017 Moreover, in addition to Japanese beauty instrument, French…