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Fascinating Keywords from A Call One Day

Yesterday afternoon, we received a call asking for “how to transfer ownership of real estate in Hawaii”, which is related of ReadUSA.com business (our client) we represent in China. It’s pretty strange question though ReadUSA.com. The lady over the phone described that one guy in her organization embezzled funding since earlier 2016, and bought many houses in some countries including Hawaii, USA in last 2 years. The…


Fast Growing Market of China Outbound Tourism

Some may think Chinese tourists are noisy, unkindly even rude sometimes, but it’s the obvious trends in the international tourism market that China outbound tourism becomes stronger part with its fast growing in this world. More and more independent Chinese youth are now looking everyday to visit Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, USA. What if your website is not seen in China and you are not…


China Cross-border E-commerce of Imported Retail, Earlier 2018

The market size of China’s cross-border imported retail e-commerce in 2017 was approximately US$18.81 billions, with an increasing rate of 49.6% year-on-year. It is estimated that the market scale will exceed US$48 billions by 2021. Authentic guarantees and logistics network become key capabilities for the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Innovation models happen continuously, while user experience gets enhanced through offline retail stores and artificial intelligence applications. The main imported commodity…


Top 20 App in China, March 2018

In the top list of mobile applications in March 2018, WeChat ranked first with 97.09% of active users, followed by QQ with 67.08% of active users, and AliPay plays third with its 46.73%. In terms of active user growth, HR applications perform much better as it’s now in job hunting season. 51Job and Zhaopin are the leading players in this section, with the growth rate exceeding…


“Outbound Travel” Searched by Chinese, Click Price Comparison on Baidu & Google – 201803

This is the comparison of click price both on Baidu and Google, in terms of the keywords “outbound travel” Chinese students and families made on major 2 engines.   Country Baidu/Mar. Google/Mar. Country Baidu/Mar. Google/Mar. Thailand US$5.71 US$1.50 Japan US$5.71 US$2.50 Russia US$2.38 US$1.55 Mauritius US$1.90 US$1.55 Maldives US$1.90 US$1.55 Vietnam US$2.54 US$0.50 U.S.A US$4.44 US$4.01 Britain US$2.54 US$2.15 The Republic of Korea US$5.71 US$1.20…