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Ali Wangwang Begin To Enter China’s Internet Advertising Market, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Alisoft, the software subsidiary of the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, has announced that its instant messaging platform, Ali Wangwang, will formally enter China’s Internet advertising market. This is the first time for Ali Wangwang to enter the Internet advertising business since its integration of the instant messaging brands of “Mao Yi Tong” and “Taobao Wangwang”. According to the latest operating statistics provided by Alisoft,…


Alibaba, Chinese E-Commerce Giant, Taps Lyris for E-Mail Marketing (part 2), China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Global Presence The analytical component was a key element for Alibaba, as was Lyris’ already strong international presence, which includes a recent expansion into the UK and experience in Australia and other markets, said Dave Dabbah, director of sales and marketing at Lyris. “They were looking for a company that understood how e-mail works in the U.S. and the English-speaking world, as well as in…


Google China Through Outdoor Advertising To Get New Users, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Google China has confirmed with local media that the company has started to place outdoor advertisements in subway and bus areas in Beijing and Guangzhou. The company previously tried the outdoor advertisements in several cities in southern China. So far, Google’s advertisements have entered Beijing’s subway line 1, Guangzhou’s subway line 1, and more than 150 bus stops in Beijing to promote Google China’s mobile…


Baidu Posts Q2 Results, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2009, and stated total revenues were CNY1.097 billion, a 36.7% increase from the corresponding period in 2008. “Our focus on execution drove another strong quarter for Baidu,” said Robin Li, Baidu.com’s chairman and CEO. “Our ongoing initiatives to improve user and customer experience further solidified Baidu’s leading…