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The Relationship between Organic Ranking & Paid Listing

Compared with traditional marketing channels, search engines provide companies with a more accurate and efficient path to reach customers. Google alone has a search engine market share of over 92%. To obtain search engine traffic, businesses mainly have two options, namely organic ranking (SEO) and paid listing (SEM). Many companies often face the dilemma of choosing between organic ranking and paid listing. Which ranking method…


Practical Tips of Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk tells a real experience in his best -selling book “CrushING It!” How he helps a hotel to increase business conversion rate. Gary mentioned that the conversion rate of this hotel’s website is very low, and only 2-3 visitors per 1,000 visitors become customers. So Gary and the team were optimized, starting with the website speed and mobile terminal optimization, then added…