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Other Search Engines You Can Try, Except Google

If Google had a dollar for every competitor that was hyped to defeat it, the search giant would be worth a hundred billion. And well, it is. Live Search, Cuil, Mahalo, whatever–Google only feels luckier as the field grows. But two more search engines emerged recently that seem to believe that to penetrate the search market, you don’t have to reinvent the concept; you just…


How can I run a PPC on Baidu

We’re asked as always how to run a PPC campaign on Baidu. Baidu is of course the leading giant in the China search market, followed by Google. Both algorithms have common concerns like content and update, solid inbound links. However, Baidu has more complicated operation people hardly grasp the rules. Baidu is running strict examination recently on any overseas advertising on its site. Please be…


5 Simple Steps to Get Links to Your Site (Step 1)

Today if you want your site to survive in the search engines your going to need backlinks. Almost all the major search engines rank sites based on the number and the quality of backlinks. Besides getting a good search engine ranking with links, it also one of the most effective ways to increase a site’s traffic. So, how do you build your link popularity? In…


An Important Marketing Principle: Give Before You Try to Get (Part 2), China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

There is a fool-proof way to get people to lower their defenses and commit. You just need to manage their impressions of you. You need to change what they think about what you’re doing. You’re not spamming, you’re offering a product that is designed to fulfill needs. You’re not a money-hungry marketer, you’re a passionate individual who loves to help people achieve their goals. Reframing…


Ali Wangwang Begin To Enter China’s Internet Advertising Market, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Alisoft, the software subsidiary of the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, has announced that its instant messaging platform, Ali Wangwang, will formally enter China’s Internet advertising market. This is the first time for Ali Wangwang to enter the Internet advertising business since its integration of the instant messaging brands of “Mao Yi Tong” and “Taobao Wangwang”. According to the latest operating statistics provided by Alisoft,…