Which Products Suitable for Social Integration Marketing

With the popularization of smart communities, marketers use crowd stratification to become more refined and closer to consumers. Community marketing communication with a more accurate reach rate has become the first choice for many famous companies to complete brand marketing promotion. However, all marketing has its uniqueness and limitations, and not all categories are suitable for community integrated marketing.

From the data, the following categories with the following characteristics are more likely to achieve sales goals through community integration marketing.

1, The brand is weak, and the category with a good cognitive foundation

Some cutting-edge categories. If there is no certain awareness and consumption habits in the consumer group, and the community marketing is carried out blindly, the effect may be greatly reduced. When you need to spend a lot of energy and money to educate consumers, the Internet is definitely a more suitable platform.

Community marketing is more suitable for products or service items with a certain cognitive basis in the category. The brand may not have great popularity, but the category must be relatively well-known to the public. For example, the cooperation between Dajin and a second-tier brand of household chemicals has achieved increased popularity and more sales opportunities for home use in a very short period of time. However, if the product is a very partial category, the effect is estimated to be low It’s so obvious.

2, The scene is clear and the category emphasizes the sense of experience

In addition to accurate users and high arrival rate, community fusion marketing has another unique advantage: it can conduct experiential marketing on the ground. Therefore, some products with clear usage scenarios, through community marketing, have a greater chance of being explosive and out of the circle. Compared with other marketing promotion methods, the marketing results obtained by them are also more obvious.

The representative product that best embodies experiential marketing is a car. No matter how good the dynamic advertising is, for high-priced products like cars, personal experience is still necessary for consumers. Put the car into the community, through online invitation, on-site test drive explanation, discount gift interaction, plus online invitation dissemination, an excellent online + offline activity can connect with target consumers around the selected community You can catch everything in one go, and you can also go to the scene for corresponding in-depth communication.

3, Household consumer goods that focus on after-sales service

Household consumer goods generally refer to products based on the family. Such as cars, home appliances, children’s education, custom furniture, etc. These categories have a very big feature, which often requires joint decision-making by multiple members of the family. This is the inherent advantage of community integration marketing, and it is also the only efficient and feasible way among almost all marketing methods at present.

For example, if a family wants to change a set of custom-made furniture, under normal circumstances, it must be the result of joint decision-making by multiple family members. Community integration marketing can gather atmosphere and popularity online, and then through offline experience activities, interact to complete the final touch of sales.

4, Categories with high gross profit margin or high repurchase

The biggest feature of community fusion marketing lies in the integration of online + offline. Through online news dissemination, branding, back to the gates, access control, underground garages, office building elevators, apartment elevators and other places in the community, there is a strong direct access to community activities in the experience link, and multiple displays. In the process of winning consumers, it is necessary to invest corresponding manpower and material resources. Therefore, although it is an efficient and closed-loop method, it must not be a normalized marketing method.

Community integration marketing can allow brands to find a direct breakthrough point and strive for a chance to break through the solidified competition. But from the perspective of brand or enterprise revenue, categories with a high repurchase rate will eventually get more revenue from the long tail, such as retail, fast-moving consumer products, or high-margin products. By increasing marketing intensity to achieve sales goals in a sudden, Such as cars.

As mentioned above, in the era of smart communities, integrated marketing in Du District provides better and greater room for brand marketing and promotion, and the corresponding risks are the adventurous entry of some inappropriate categories, which may also cause cost increases.