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Chinese Taobao.com Targets Online Credit Speculation, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Chinese online auction website Taobao.com is calling on its 130 million users to join a campaign to fight against online credit speculation. Taobao.com, a subsidiary of B2B Internet giant Alibaba.com, is asking all its members to conduct a self-inspection on their credit records and remove all false credit information by combining their own inspection with the audit of Taobao.com. As one of the leading online…


Sohu.com, One Of China’s Famous Portal Site, Launches SNS Website, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Chinese portal website Sohu.com has completed the beta test of its social networking service website named “White Society” and has formally opened the registration channel to Chinese netizens. The new service is developed by the company’s blog development team and started beta test in May this year. According to local media news reports, Charles Zhang, chairman and CEO of Sohu.com, stated that Sohu.com has a…


Alibaba Gains 1000,000 Users In India, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba has announced that is has gained over one million registered users in India. According to Alibaba, over 40,000 Indian small and medium-sized enterprises registered in or use the company’s international trading market every day during the past year. India’s SMEs currently account for 12% of Alibaba’s total international registered users, making the country the second largest international market, which is…


Alibaba, Chinese E-Commerce Giant, Taps Lyris for E-Mail Marketing (part 1), China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Global Presence The analytical component was a key element for Alibaba, as was Lyris’ already strong international presence, which includes a recent expansion into the UK and experience in Australia and other markets, said Dave Dabbah, director of sales and marketing at Lyris. “They were looking for a company that understood how e-mail works in the U.S. and the English-speaking world, as well as in…


Hong Kong Earns The Highest Level of Email Spam, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Technology security company Symantec says Hong Kong received the highest level of spam of any region or country in the world as the company published its latest report. The May 2009 MessageLabs Intelligence Report highlights that spam experienced a further worldwide increase of 5.1% since last month, reaching heights of 90.4%. Email spam levels in Hong Kong rose by 2.4% in May to 92.3%, positioning…