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What Could We Expect for AliPay

Recently, we received an inquiry about how to install AliPay outside China as an merchant? Generally speaking, AliPay is the equivalent of PayPal that helps end users and merchants for payment transaction. Any commercial merchant could its AliPay account by visiting global.alipay.com, following its guide step by step. How can we expect AliPay for our business? Does AliPay bring us lots more Chinese customers since AliPay’s…


Key Points About Digital Marketing to Adopt for Chinese Market

In the Chinese market, digital trends are changing regularly, just as they do in the Western world. On the other hand, they differ slightly in China. Foreign companies intending to locate in the world’s largest market have no choice but to be fully aware of the latest digital trends in China. To hope to succeed in the Chinese landscape by implementing the same marketing strategies…


Embedded Marketing in China

Last week, we received one inquiry from Seoul, Korea, asking for promotion solution on Seoul transportation card in China. Generally, this should be calling 2 parts, targets, those who are planning to visit Seoul ad campaign, SEO, PPC, DSP, etc. However, this kind campaign gets limitation in execution because Korea and China still remain political friction due to THAAD issue. We therefore offered embedded marketing,…


Baidu Algorithm Keeps Changing Frequently in 2018

Baidu SEOers are now facing big challenge in common. Keywords rankings slide down and organic traffic keeps decreasing this 2018. This is an irreversible trend of Baidu SEO. From the beginning of 2018 to the present, Baidu released its algorithm updates more than 10 times, within which the word “severely cracked down” appeared 3 times. Your site may get worse if you meet their update…


Fascinating Keywords from A Call One Day

Yesterday afternoon, we received a call asking for “how to transfer ownership of real estate in Hawaii”, which is related of ReadUSA.com business (our client) we represent in China. It’s pretty strange question though ReadUSA.com. The lady over the phone described that one guy in her organization embezzled funding since earlier 2016, and bought many houses in some countries including Hawaii, USA in last 2 years. The…