You Should Avoid Such Fatal SEO Mistake

There is one HR-topic website built with WordPress. The main activity of the website is to post varied job positions from different employers.

We all know that most search engines love content refreshing websites, and so does Baidu. Surprisingly, after three months of updating, the keyword ranking of the website did not rise but fell.

What’s the problem?

It turned out that the template used on this website was a theme called Featuredlite, and one of the Ajax plug-ins supports job posts, but such updates are not shown in the html codes. That is to say, the three-month update doesn’t make sense to search engines, because there is no information about any job post in the html code.

As long as we do a regular SEO check, we will discover the abnormality of the website in time.

1. In Baidu Webmaster, we observe the indexation changes. If there is no change for a few weeks, something must be wrong with the website.

2. Regularly check sitemap generation records. The website is updated frequently, and there should be many new URL records in its sitemap, or the updated URL, and the re-generation date has changed. If the website remains updated, but there is no change in the sitemap record, then something must be wrong with the website.

This error should have been avoided in our SEO job.