Improve Your ROI of SEM with Negative Keywords

PPC is a such marketing method to enable you obtain target traffic quickly, and test the acceptance of your product/service in the market in a short time. But do you know that PPC is also easy to consume your marketing budget?

You have chosen keywords, while search engines recommend you more. Some works for you, some don’t. Thus, those keywords that don’t work will burn your marketing budget.

From the perspective of return on investment, the performance of PPC largely depends on the accuracy of your target keywords.

Luckly, both Google and Baidu provide the negative keywords to exclude non-working keywords from the keywords list in your campaign.

One important job of your PPC operation is to constantly try various keywords, evaluate their performance, and exclude keywords that are not working for you, through negative keywords, therefore, your keywords in the campaign become more and more accurate.

In this way, budget is saved and your ROI is continuously improved.