The Contribution of LiveChat in Leads Generation

When a Chinese visits one website, he/she used to call directly to inquire if he/she is interested in the product or service described on the website. However, if the phone number is outside of China, Chinese like to fill up online the form instead, because the Chinese are lack confidence in language communication skills.

However, if LiveChat is installed on the website, the thing changes a lot. Chinese people are more willing to use LiveChat to communicate with websites. Compared with forms and phones, LiveChat has two major advantages,

  • Communicate promptly with product/service suppliers
  • In an open office environment, the communication of LiveChat can avoid the interference of similar calls to others

This is the big reason LiveChat is installed widely on many websites in China. Compared to forms and phones, how much does LiveChat contribute to the leads generation of one website?

After tracking and analyzing the data of a B2B customer for a whole year, we found the proportion of the three ways to contribute to the leads.

  • Online form: 16.90%
  • Tel: 14.55%
  • LiveChat: 68.55%

If LiveChat is not installed, the ratio of phone to form in leads generation is roughly 3:1.