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The Most Effective E-commerce Promotions Will be Online Ads, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Web users are most attentive to online marketing when they are in the middle of an online activity related to e-commerce. This is one of the findings of a survey by Lightspeed Research and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), which revealed that consumers are most receptive to web ads when they are shopping or researching products online. The report suggested that online retailers could take…


The Sellers Of Fake Brands Face The Attacks from Baidu’s E-commerce Platform, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

The Internet shopping platform launched by search engine Baidu.com, “Youa.baidu.com”,has announced the first batch of 15 stores that have been closed because they were selling counterfeit branded clothing. This move is a part of Baidu’s special action called Spring Thunder, which will last from February 17 until March 31, 2009. During this period, Youa.baidu.com will publish the list of the punished sellers in its online…


In 2008, China’s Internet Users Increased To 298 Million, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

China Internet Network Information Center has published the latest report on China’s Internet development, which states by the end of 2008, the number of Internet users in China had reached 298 million, a year-on-year increase of 41.9%. The report says that China’s Internet popularity rate reached 22.6%, which exceeded the world’s average rate of 21.9% for the first time. In addition, the number of broadband…


The Latest Source Of Email Spam Activity-China, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Email security firm Barracuda Networks says a webpage hosted in China is latest the destination for Internet users who fall prey to phishers’ activities. Barracuda says spam emails designed to look like Google AdWords Alert emails contain what appears to be a legitimate link to the Google AdWords account webpage at adwords.google.com. However, when clicked, the recipient is redirected to a website hosted in China…


New Search Advertising Model Named BrandLink from Baidu, China, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Chinese search engine Baidu.com is currently developing a new search advertising model named BrandLink. According to local media reports, Baidu’s new BrandLink area, which is laced at the top of Baidu’s web search results, is an information dissemination platform customized for famous brands. This innovative search model combines various display methods, including words, pictures and videos, which can improve the search experience of Chinese netizens…