Pneumonia Epidemic in Wuhan Boosting Mask Sales of e-Commerce in Taiwan

Affected by the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, e-commerce mask sales have doubled. Taiwn PChome said that the purchase of masks started to rise in mid-January, and sales of masks have increased fourfold in recent two weeks. Due to the continued spread of the “2019 new coronavirus” epidemic, coupled with the flu season, overall mask product sales in January have soared more than 80% from the same period last month. “Masks” also jumped to the top 10 of the most searched products in the past week, indicating that related demand has indeed increased significantly in the near future.

PChome 24h shopping pointed out that many parents are worried about their children’s infection, which has also promoted the sale of children’s masks. As the epidemic in Wuhan continued to spread, sales of medical masks pushed up by volume sales surged, especially with the highest order of 4 boxes of masks.

Among the wave of buying masks, medical masks, anti-fog masks and other masks are the best way to buy gas, especially high-protection masks are favored by consumers. They can filter suspended matter, block droplets, and have good breathability. trend. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the N95 masks on the station are almost sold out. Next, the total station masks will continue to be replenished and the stocking will be increased. At the same time, the demand for antibacterial products such as dry cleaning hands, disinfectant, wet tissues, etc. Continuous improvement.

“Multi-layer filtering” and “price CP value” are two major indicators for consumers to purchase mask products. For example, the most popular “life market super comfortable flat masks” on the station. If you purchase the largest number of groups, the average per piece is less than 1 Yuan, has sold more than 270,000 pieces in the past two weeks. In addition, it is like the “Blue Eagle 3D activated carbon mask”, which features 5 layers of filter layers and an exclusive design of 3D air chambers. In the past two weeks, it has sold more than 140,000 pieces.