Digital Marketing Meeting Customer Experience & building Traffic Pool

When it comes to the development of digital marketing, it can only be described by rapid changes. Looking ahead to 2020, what trends and changes will usher in?

In the past year, everyone must have heard the saying of traffic pool or private domain traffic. When the growth dividends of social media have subsided, the demand for various types of traffic has continued to increase, so one after another thinks about how to build a traffic pool without increasing costs. As a result, circles of friends such as WeChat have become a new battleground for community marketing.

It can be imagined that the premise of creating private domain traffic is not only to accumulate the number of fans, but also a more critical trust relationship.

In addition to trust relationships, it is clear that the customer experience has become even more important. According to a PWC survey, 73% of people said that customer experience is an important factor in their decision to buy goods, but only 49% of American consumers currently believe that companies today provide a great experience.

So what exactly is the customer experience? In fact, from the application of information technology to personal marketing, and even a fresh brand image are all part of the customer experience. Of course, what customers value most is product quality, friendly guidance, convenient measures, and efficient customer service.

Finally, talk about voice search. According to Google’s statistics, up to 50% of search will be driven by voice in 2020. With the gradual maturity of semantic search and voice technology, voice search will become the favorite of the people.

In the future, when manufacturers are engaged in content marketing, in addition to paying more attention to the content layout of audio-visual formats, in adjusting the content strategy, they also need to consider the linkage of accessing content through voice.

According to statistics, 61% of consumers aged 25 to 64 said that they would prefer to use voice search in the future, which also gave brand manufacturers some new ideas.

Barbara Wharton, professor of marketing at the United States Business School. Barbara E. Kahn mentioned in the book “The Shopping Revolution” that the key to retail success is nothing more than brand leadership, experience leadership, low price leadership, and resistance-free leadership. In fact, these four points are not only very useful for the retail industry, but also worthy of consideration and reference by digital marketers.