Volcano and Douyin merging in Chinese Short Video

On January 8, 2020, Volcano proclaimed its merger with Douyin, renamed Douyin Volcano, and launched a new logo.

The merger of Douyin and Volcano is not just that simple. Behind this, the merger is likely to have a profound impact on both the creators of the short video field and the landscape of the short video platform.

The Douyin + volcano fusion shows threefold benefits:

In the short video industry, there has always been a saying that the southern vibrato is the fastest in the north. According to a survey conducted by Penguin Think Tank “Douyin & Quick User Research Report” in 2018, “Douyin is higher than fast users in female users, young users, high-income high-education users, and first- and second-tier cities.” In terms of brand tone, short video users believe that fast hands are more grounded, and vibrato is more to show the beauty of life.

According to the beating introduction, the daily active users of the volcano small video exceeded 50 million. Previously Douyin’s 2019 report showed that as of January 5, 2020, Douyin’s daily active users had exceeded 400 million. Douyin currently has a head position in short videos, mainly among young people in first- and second-tier cities. The main volcanoes are the third and fourth tier cities. This crowd coincides with the height of the fast hand.

In terms of the creator’s most concerned revenue, after the merger, the creator’s revenue has not decreased but increased. The Douyin Volcano Edition will remain independent and increase investment, providing 10 billion traffic to support creators. Excellent creators can not only get traffic support on Douyin Volcano, but also get traffic help on Douyin. The creators of the volcano maintain their original rights while enjoying one-to-one consulting services, as well as various exclusive cooperations and online exposures. There may be more creator services in the future.

These two short video apps are integrated and upgraded, and the content will gradually achieve interoperability in the future, achieving perfect complementarity in the coverage circle. This is a win-win for platforms, creators, users and advertisers. For users, they can see richer and more forms of short video content. For creators, providing greater value and better distribution. The combination of Douyin and Volcano will extend and penetrate to more users and short video market in China.