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Chinese Wealthy And The Most Concerns

According to The Chinese Luxury Consumer White Paper 2012, jointly published by the Industrial Bank and Hurun Report, here are the key points in brief in terms of these rich people’s requirements. There’re 2.7M wealthy (average age: 39) with the capital over RMB6M, among which there’re 63,500 (average age: 41) with the capital over RMB100M. The top 3 concerns are tourism (60%), health (50%), children…


Online PR Coordinated with Brand Keywords

One of our clients concerned it’s unworthy doing brand keywords SEO, as it already lists top 1, in terms of the query of his brand on major search engines. Sounds reasonable but let’s think a bit further. Provided you’re newbie in the local China market, even though you may be well-known in Australia. From this point, online PR needs to be practiced for the brand…


How can you measure an impact of one brand versus another on the China Internet?

Lets look at the 3 famous NBA basketball players on China web. How popular are the super stars, Yao Ming, LeBron James and Michael Jordan in China? Each can be considered as a “brand name” or unique “Key Word”. Below is an example of what insights Baidu can show regarding these NBA “brand names.” From this research on Baidu we can see: / What name…