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Top 5 Serious Pay-Per-Click Errors China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China (part-1)

Makeing use of Pay-Per-Click is the quickest and easiest method of generating money on the Internet. Naturally, a Pay-Per-Click campaign is made lucrative by maintaining low client acquisition and marketing products with high conversion rates and huge revenue margins. On the client acquisition side, there are errors that minimize and sometimes totally destroy incomes, thus making a campaign unsuccessful. Here are possibly 5 of the…


Google Leaving China

Finally Google has decided to leave China. Soon after the announcement on March 23, 2010, Google stopped censoring the search result of google.cn by redirecting the site to google.com.hk. In Google’s official blog, David Drummond, the corporate’s chief legal officer explains that its decision is due to the Chinese government’s “non-negotiable legal requirement” in self-censorship. However, Google’s R&D work will continue to stay in China….


Rankings on China Search Engines

How are my rankings if I buy links from China websites? People always asked. To our experience, you want to increase link popularity to compete against those local websites. We do have a list of those websites with high PR for link sponsoring, but the prices would be much high that most webmasters can’t afford, comparing with that in US. On the other hand, if…


Top 3 Things When You Start Your e-Business on China Web

By the end of 2009, the Chinese Internet population reached 384 million with the growth rate of 28.9%. 90.1% of all Internet users are broadband users. Search engine and Internet news accounted for 69.4% and 78.7% respectively. According to a Credit Suisse First Boston report, the Chinese consumer is going to replace the US consumer as a primary engine of global growth by 2014. Apparently,…


Top 5 Serious Pay-Per-Click Errors China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China (part-2)

Third error is choosing to display the content network with no changes on your bid. It has a tendency to convert fewer than those displaying in search. AdWords and PPCs particularly offer the alternative of bidding various rates for search and content displays. It is insane to bid on the same rate for content and search when it converts less content. The fourth error is…