Who Will Rise After CoronaVirus

At the beginning of 2020, CoronaVirus became the “number one enemy” of the Chinese people. Everything seems to be the same as 17 years ago. Under the situation of limited personnel movement and construction, the epidemic has affected the economy in many ways.

In order to cope with the spread of the epidemic, enterprises have delayed resumption of work, schools have been postponed, and the country has generally extended holidays.

After the rise of Sars, Taobao and JD.com not only defeated eBay in China, but also pushed online retail to a new height. Now the epidemic is re-emerging. It is precisely the rise of Taobao and JD.com 17 years ago that e-commerce companies such as JD.com and Alibaba have played a role in the epidemic. Under the crisis of the epidemic, it is testing all walks of life and also giving birth to new opportunities. “Online shopping”, “online education” and “online work” are accelerating to replace traditional offline methods. Except for some masks and medical device manufacturers, the catering, tourism, film and television, transportation and shipping, logistics and other industries are suffering a huge impact.

During the Spring Festival, movies were withdrawn, attractions were closed, and the restaurant industry was in a hurry. Affected by the epidemic, the loss of the catering retail industry in the 7 days of the Spring Festival may be as high as 500 billion yuan. Moreover, the impact of the epidemic on SMEs is even greater.

The negative impact of the epidemic on the economy is, on the one hand, creating new opportunities. The development of artificial intelligence has played an important role in this “anti-epidemic”. Previously, Microsoft had used AI models to predict the Ebola outbreak. With the help of big data technology, artificial intelligence can collect data on human activities from aviation records, railway traffic information, and address. On January 30, 2020, the state launched AI capable of accurately predicting the spread of disease, and began to organize scientific researchers and collect data. AI that can accurately predict the spread of disease has become a priority for researchers today.

After 2003 is the year of the rise of China’s e-commerce, because the number of Internet users has rapidly increased to 79.5 million, and thereafter has grown rapidly at a rate of nearly 50% each year. The huge number of Internet users is the cornerstone of the rapid development of e-commerce. The adjustment of China’s industrial structure is closely related to the serious aging of China and the dual structure of urban and rural areas. Large consumption, new retail, and the elderly industry are the industries that will have the greatest demand in the future. In addition to China’s economic transformation, artificial intelligence, online education and 5G-led communication technology revolution, Internet of Vehicles, and Internet of Things have become more efficient. The Baidu App continuously operates authoritative information on pneumonia related to the new coronavirus infection. On average, more than 1 billion people use Baidu search to understand the epidemic situation.

At the same time, the AI ​​algorithm shortened the analysis time of New Crown virus RNA from 55 minutes to 27 seconds. Baidu’s intelligent outbound platform uses voice robots to replace humans, which can help government agencies and grass-roots communities to quickly complete residents’ inspections and notifications.

Artificial intelligence is the core of China’s future development, and simple things should be left to robots to do. After China ’s labor costs have risen sharply, many low-end industries have no cost advantage and can only be transferred to neighboring low-cost countries such as Vietnam and Thailand.

According to the latest Zenith research report from the United States, by 2018, the number of global smartphone users will continue to rise steadily. Among them, China is a well-deserved user power, with 1.3 billion smartphone users, ranking first in the world. 5G companies represented by Huawei will lead a group of 5G service operators in China. In addition, the largest demand for the elderly industry and new consumption, new retail will also emerge the emergence of a number of outstanding enterprises.

Winter is passing, can spring be far behind?