Challenges to Brand Marketing under the Epidemic

In China’s epidemic, many industries have been affected. For the marketing industry, this epidemic will also continue to urge the industry to optimize its model and structure.

In mid-February 2020, most internet companies have already started working from home. Although the online office will not have much impact on the efficiency of social media marketing, but the smooth communication and docking of such links as technology development discussions, conference exchanges, discussions and revisions are still very affected. The epidemic has also caused a severe impact on the marketing industry, which is undoubtedly the cold winter that advertising companies are facing.

I. Impact of the epidemic on the marketing industry

Multi-industry brand revenues have been affected, especially in the offline service industries such as catering, tourism, real estate, cinema and film and television. This will definitely affect the budget and investment in marketing in these areas, and the marketing industry will face a difficult first quarter.

The biggest difficulties marketing faced during the epidemic:

a. Offline marketing planning is difficult to carry out, and scenario-based marketing experiences such as offline activities for members and brand tours cannot be used. The offline link of integrated marketing has been cut off. Many advertising companies have stated that the marketing plan set a year ago was suspended and re-adjusted because it involved offline links. Last year, it was difficult to recover from offline traffic, and it became an efficient way to get traffic. It is expected that this year, we can only switch to the fierce online camp to seek growth.

b. It is more difficult to create hot topics. How to correctly grasp the degree of marketing content has become a new difficulty in marketing. Affected by the epidemic, consumers’ attention will stay on the epidemic and surrounding events for a long time. It is not difficult to really break through marketing and create hot topics.

2, under the epidemic situation, should enterprises do marketing?

For non-essential products manufacturing enterprises, doing what they can to do a good job of the brand can still provide a guarantee for employees. This is already a major marketing corporate responsibility.

During the epidemic, what do consumers pay most attention to?

  • Can I provide the necessary services in my life?
  • Can oil and salt meat dishes and daily necessities be adequately supplied without price increases?
  • Can the order be delivered by courier? Does takeaway guarantee safety and health?

At this time, enterprises need to ensure the quality of products and services and provide consumers with uncompromising services. This is the best marketing.

3, survive the epidemic, brand marketing will usher in spring

The first quarter will be the hardest day for brand owners and advertising agencies. During this time, companies have strengthened internal learning and training to prepare for the new opportunities that they will face in the future.

After the epidemic, all aspects of consumer demand will return. The long-suppressed consumer demand may usher in a new round of rise. The dawn and opportunities for brand parties and advertising agencies are:

  • The industries affected by the epidemic will usher in recovery and favorable conditions.
  • Brand Online Marketing Enhancement.

At the end of 2019, the entire advertising industry was lamenting “the hardest year.” Unexpectedly, 2020 encountered such a difficult start. For brand owners, it is extremely difficult to survive this time. In addition to shouldering corporate responsibilities, many companies also practice social responsibilities.

Spring is approaching. I hope that all companies struggling to survive will survive, and forge a group of strong and excellent national brands.