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China Digital Marketing Trends 2023

The field of digital marketing in China is developing at an impressive speed, gradually evolving from an initial exploration to a mature market. This article will review the development history of digital marketing in China, discuss the current market situation and the challenges facing the industry, with a view to looking forward to the future of this field.   The History of Digital Marketing in…


What Are The Digital Marketing Channels in China

Digital marketing refers to a marketing method that disseminates marketing information through digital channels such as the Internet to achieve brand promotion and sales promotion. With the improvement of digitalization, digital marketing has become an indispensable means for enterprises. So, what digital marketing channels are available in China? A. What are the digital marketing platforms in China? 1. Baidu promotion Baidu Promotion is the largest…


Some Positive Changes in China Digital Marketing

In 2020, COVID-19 will hit all walks of life and will greatly affect our work and life. From manufacturing, retail to marketing, the industrial value chain has undergone drastic changes, spawning a large number of new Internet brands, and a number of traditional brands are also actively embracing digitalization. How to play with digital marketing, show brand value, and create brand value has increasingly become…