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China Marketing Driving Digital Transformation of SMEs

The sustainable and high-quality development of China’s economy, especially the transformation of new and old growth drivers and the building of an innovative country, cannot be separated from the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The development of the digital economy is in the ascendant. In the past ten years, the scale of China’s digital economy has grown from 11 trillion yuan to 45.5…


Digital Transformation of IKEA in China

In the digital transformation, IKEA is slow to act. IKEA China only opened its flagship store on Tmall in 2020, which is also the epitome of IKEA’s brand transformation. In November 2020, IKEA announced that it will lay off 7,500 employees worldwide in the next two years. This is the largest job adjustment in the history of IKEA since the layoff of 5,000 employees in…