Fascinating Keywords from A Call One Day

One day, we received a call asking for “how to transfer ownership of real estate in Hawaii”, which was related of ReadUSA.com business (our client) we’re representing in China.

It’s pretty strange question through ReadUSA.com. The lady over the phone described that one guy in her organization embezzled funding since earlier 2016, and bought many houses in some countries including Hawaii, USA in last 2 years.

The guy is now being arrested in Shanghai, facing legal issue currently. The organization tends to withdraw money by selling real estate in Hawaii as easy as possible. That’s why our phone rang yesterday.

The interesting thing is what keywords the lady searched for before the call. We then dig into Baidu Tongji, an equivalent to Google Analytics, to see what happened exactly that time.

The lady did make search through the keywords of “transfer ownership of real estate in Hawaii”, and luckily one of ReadUSA.com pages matched the query with relevant content therein.

However, the lady made 2nd search with another keywords term of “real estate broker in Hawaii”. What did the lady think about at that moment?

This lady jumped onto the page related to her first query of “transfer ownership of real estate in Hawaii”, but what she learnt sounded a bit complicated and she turned to find one broker for consultation. That’s the possible motivation behind in her mind.

Fascinating keywords, aren’t they?

We used to keywords analysis through Google keywords tool, but we seldom to figure out those keywords from clients point of view, what tough things they are facing and tend to look for online.

In further, there is always solid reason behind the keywords search that brings us more likely the business.

Baidu Tongji performs pretty well in this keywords research.