Key Points About Digital Marketing to Adopt for Chinese Market

In the Chinese market, digital trends are changing regularly, just as they do in the Western world. On the other hand, they differ slightly in China. Foreign companies intending to locate in the world’s largest market have no choice but to be fully aware of the latest digital trends in China. To hope to succeed in the Chinese landscape by implementing the same marketing strategies as in the West is an obvious mistake not to commit.

Digital Marketing Data in China

Companies must of course consider observing and understanding the changes in the market in China, as well as being aware of the habits of digital consumption of Chinese.

  • 700 million Internet users
  • 630 million mobile internet users (about 90% of Internet users)
  • 659 million social network users (99% of Internet users)
  • 574 million mobile social network users

Digital Habits Change

These previous data show how huge this market is. They also indicate that the Chinese favor their smartphone to browse the internet and perform a multitude of operations, important points that companies should not miss. In addition, this research unveiled the strength of Chinese social networks like QQ, Qzone and WeChat. These instant messaging applications are gaining influence.

As we have just recalled, Chinese consumers use their mobile phones for a variety of purposes: viewing weather, mobile e-commerce, instant chat, telephone payments (such as Alipay or WeChat offer) and ticket reservations.

1/3 of Chinese Internet users buy products and pay for online services, especially during the singles party on November 11th, when demand is extremely strong.

Different Strategies to Adopt

  • Use multiple marketing including WeChat and Weibo wisely while¬†reducing the share allocated to traditional marketing.
  • Chinese users favor interactive content and more visual formats, such as on social networks.
  • Use new digital media for corporate communication and advertising.
  • Attract media attention, increase web traffic, develop customer loyalty.
  • Multiply the discount periods on the key dates of the Chinese calendar, for example during the feast of singles (November 11) and the Chinese New Year during which the sales are the strongest.
  • Focus the use of social networks to engage the consumer and make themselves more attractive by promoting touching, humorous and entertaining content.
  • Privilege the use of LBS (dependent geo services) as proposed by WeChat or Alipay.

Chinese consumers expect connected, interactive content like old-fashioned traditional content. Here are some important points to consider if a foreign company wants to enter the market:

  • Know and understand the needs of the targeted clientele and remember that the Chinese pay particular attention to notices posted by other users.
  • Create a Chinese website and make it ergonomic for mobile users.
  • Observe and adapt quickly to digital marketing developments