How to Operate B2B Marketing on WeChat

When WeChat has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide, it is more than a simple social application.

In recent years, the relevance of WeChat as a business tool has increased significantly, and it has become an important means of B2B marketing for many companies. It promotes business connections and helps companies build solid customer relationships in the Chinese market.

How to use WeChat, a super app, to do B2B marketing?

I believe that few companies can confidently give positive comments on the operational effects of their official WeChat accounts. The level of corporate WeChat operations is uneven, and most of them may still be in the groping stage. The biggest difficulty of corporate WeChat is that the content created is difficult to convert into corporate revenue.

For B2B companies, products and services are more complex. WeChat content is difficult to create and customers are hard to find. The situation of enterprise WeChat operations is also predictable.

According to an industry survey last year, nearly 90% of companies use WeChat official accounts as a channel for their brands to speak out. The published content contains,

  • Enterprise related information
  • Industrial information

Before the emergence of more valuable new channels, WeChat is still the main position of online marketing for B2B companies.

Looking at the scenes where Chinese people use WeChat every day, almost more than half of the uses are for communication related to work. As a WeChat official account that connects WeChat users, any company has reasons to continue to maintain and operate it well.

For enterprises, the main content marketing platforms currently focus on WeChat, Weibo and Q&A platforms, such as Zhihu. The content format of the WeChat official account and the content consumption habits of the audience are more compatible with the characteristics of B2B companies that need to rely on high-quality content for a long time to build their brands and acquire customers.

How to transform the corporate WeChat account from a “platform for the brand’s appearance” to a “core channel that integrates online and offline business” is the point. Posting high-quality content is the key to successfully promoting your brand to companies.

A good article on WeChat should be informative and highly relevant to your industry. It allows you to build a professional image in related fields, and it also allows customers to have more trust in you. In addition, attractive visual elements and well-designed typography will further increase your audience’s participation, and help you transform more potential customers.