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How to Operate B2B Marketing on WeChat

When WeChat has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide, it is more than a simple social application. In recent years, the relevance of WeChat as a business tool has increased significantly, and it has become an important means of B2B marketing for many companies. It promotes business connections and helps companies build solid customer relationships in the Chinese market. How to use WeChat, a super…


Why WeChat Marketing Is So Important

In China today, your customers, sales leads, friends, and family are almost all in your WeChat social circle. What is WeChat marketing? WeChat marketing takes the WeChat platform as the core to achieve a series of marketing operations on WeChat to achieve target customer visits, build trust, promote transactions, and complete customer reputation. The importance of WeChat marketing WeChat has become the social platform with…


Importance of WeChat Marketing in China

WeChat has an important position in China’s social media, known as China’s Facebook. WeChat marketing is the process of reaching the target audience on WeChat platform, through marketing activities, building relationships with them and cultivating them into target customers. There are several benefits to WeChat marketing: expand potential customers maintain relationships with customers share product/service information timely improve brand influence How to do WeChat marketing?…