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Social e-Commerce Leading The Trends of Online Buying

This year’s “Double 11” enthusiasm seems to have come earlier than ever. Affected by the epidemic, online shopping has surged. According to data from the State Post Bureau of China, 60 billion express mails will be generated in 2020. The growth rate of China’s express delivery industry in the first three quarters hit a three-year high, and it is showing an accelerated growth momentum. Leveraging…


China’s Social e-Commerce Expected to 3.5 Trillion RMB in 2020

In 2019, China’s social e-commerce transaction scale has accounted for 19.4% of the total scale of national online retail, and it is expected that this year’s social e-commerce transaction volume will reach 3.54 trillion yuan, accounting for up to 30%. Since 2011, the social e-commerce company, which originated from Weibo, a social platform, has entered a period of rapid growth after rapid development in recent…