How to Win Chinese Young Consumers

China’s youth group, especially the “Internet generation” born from 1995 to 2009, their daily consumption is characterized by fragmented information to guide consumption behavior. At the same time, young people are more assertive, like new attempts, and are keen to experience different consumption scenarios. It is not easy to win the favor of young consumers.

1, this group has both rationality and personality, which makes them the most unflattering consumer group.

This group grows up in a favorable environment, has a high level of education, and is able to dominate their life choices. In such a growth environment, they have high consumption power and consumption potential, but also form unique values.

When companies launch products for this group, they must consider multiple factors such as practicality, appearance, personality, health, etc., and through the upgrade and optimization of details, the products can be differentiated and stand out in the market. At the same time, it is necessary to improve soft power in all aspects of the industrial chain, and create products that conform to the personality and culture of the youth group, so that consumers can find resonance.

2, the youth group has a high degree of informatization and is strongly influenced by Internet celebrities, which is conducive to the promotion of technology products and the stand out of niche products.

With the rapid development of Internet applications and the rise of online entertainment culture, mobile social networking has become more and more popular. Affected by this, they are accustomed to obtaining information in a fragmented way, and mobile phones have become the main channel for their social, consumption, entertainment and other activities. The data shows that among consumers of different age groups, young consumers aged 18 to 25 have the highest preference for innovative products and technology-based products.

It can be said that they are the first to try new products, and they are also the driving force for various innovative applications. When developing and promoting technologically innovative products, more research can be conducted on the needs and opinions of this group, and based on their consumer behavior preferences, we can design and develop technological products that are suitable for them, so as to seize new consumption space.

3, the youth group has diverse cognitions, subdivided needs, obvious circles, and higher professional requirements. Their growth period was an important period of rapid economic development and the rise of China’s comprehensive national strength, which gave them a global perspective and more diverse cognition.

Therefore, among consumers of all ages, the research-oriented consumption of the youth group is the most prominent. They will study the raw materials, ingredients, technology, etc. of commodities, and form a circle culture of in-depth exchanges in various fields on social platforms. To gain the recognition of this group, companies are required to use better technologies in R&D, production and marketing to create better quality and tell better stories.