Colombian Flowers Blooming in the Chinese Market

Flowers Wayuu is located in Guasca, a small city about 30 kilometers north of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. This 17-hectare farm grows different varieties of roses throughout the year, with an annual output of 17 million.

During the National Holiday in China in October 2020, tens of thousands of overseas flowers appeared in the Shanghai market. Among them, about half are from Colombia. These flowers sell well in China and are loved by Chinese consumers.

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the output of Flowers Wayuu has dropped by 30-40%. Because of the peculiarities of flower planting, flower farmers cannot take care of flowers for a day. With hot sales in the Chinese market, Flowers Wayuu production has basically returned to normal.

Since 2016, Flowers Wayuu has begun to explore the Chinese market. With the epidemic raging around the world, the importance of the Chinese market this year has become prominent. During the epidemic, cargo flights to China have been maintained. Through close cooperation with e-commerce and offline supermarkets and department stores, the performance of Flowers Wayuu’s roses in the Chinese market is gratifying.

For Flowers Wayuu, the Chinese market is still in its infancy. In order to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, Flowers Wayuu strives to do its best in quality control and product transportation.

According to a report published by the Colombian Flower Exporters Association, due to factors such as the sharp decline in orders in the international market, the decline in cold storage logistics capacity, and the rising cost of fresh-keeping transportation, these have brought severe challenges to the cultivation and export of Colombian flowers.

Colombia is the world’s second largest flower exporter after the Netherlands, and almost all of its output is used for export. According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia, in 2018, Colombia’s flower production was 251,900 tons and the planting area was 8,391 hectares. As an important industry in Colombia, the flower industry plays an important role in Colombia’s economic recovery after the epidemic.