Young Chinese Generation Z Users in The Vertical Social Communities

More information acquisition, social communication, and consumer decision-making of Generation Z happen online.

Generation Z pays attention to brand and interactivity, individualization of marketing, and user experience, which put forward new requirements for new advertising and marketing models. Internet platforms with more young users and richer product content are expected to benefit from the transformation of the new marketing model.

By analyzing the user structure, ecological tone and marketing model of each platform, China’s Douyin/Kaishou/Weibo has the largest coverage of young users and rich content, and is the main new marketing position in China. Relying on the advantages of Gen Z audience and content marketing, Bilibili is expected to maintain a good growth trend. Xiaohongshu builds a high-quality vertical content community and actively engages in marketing and e-commerce.

Generation Z young users have great growth potential and high marketing value in vertical content communities. From the perspective of young people’s marketing value, we mainly recommend Bilibili, Kuaishou-w, Weibo, and also pay attention to ByteDance and Xiaohongshu.