The Difference between Corporate WeChat and Personal WeChat

Both of these are products of Tencent, but there are still big differences in actual use. What is the difference between WeChat and WeChat?

1. Product positioning is different

The positioning of personal WeChat is social, mainly used for personal daily interpersonal communication.

Enterprise WeChat is positioned as a commercial service. By providing enterprises with more auxiliary office functions and customer management and operation functions, it can solve the functions of corporate office redundancy and low efficiency. The targeted users are mainly organizations, institutions, and companies.

2. Limit of friend’s number

Personal WeChat: The default is 5K people, and friends who are more than 5K only have the permission to chat and cannot view the circle of friends. And adding a large number of friends in a short period of time is easy to be blocked.

Enterprise WeChat: The enterprise WeChat can add 300 friends every day, and the upper limit of the number of customers for a single carrier can exceed 5,000. It can be increased as long as the administrator approves it. At each level of employees, the administrator can use the WeChat account to increase the number of customers as long as they operate on their mobile phones.

3. Account inheritance

Personal WeChat: Friends cannot inherit or share

Enterprise WeChat: Friends added using the enterprise WeChat can be uniformly assigned and managed by the enterprise management after the employee resigns or is transferred. The client does not need any operation, and can realize non-inductive transformation and inheritance.

4. Marketing tools

Personal WeChat: Very sensitive to marketing information. Now third-party marketing tools have basically been blocked, and it is easy to cause personal WeChat to be blocked.

Enterprise WeChat: Officially released marketing assistance software, fully compliant. And equipped with complete customer management marketing tools, including user portraits, user tags, automatic responses, and keyword responses. Basic functions can be used for free, and high-end functions can be used after payment.

5. The use of WeChat groups is different

Personal WeChat: The maximum number of WeChat groups is 500 people. And when the WeChat group is more than 100, only WeChat users who have passed the real-name verification are accepted. When it is above 200, only the invitation to join the group is accepted.

Enterprise WeChat: The maximum number of employees in the enterprise WeChat group is 10,000. New employees will automatically join the group and leave the group automatically after leaving the company. The maximum number of internal group chats is 2000 people, and the maximum number of external group chats is 500 people.

6. Group functions are different

Personal WeChat: The function is simple and basically requires manual operation.

Enterprise WeChat: The enterprise WeChat group is oriented to enterprises and supports functions such as automatic reply, anti-harassment, and screening of duplicate group members.

7. Bulk messaging

Personal WeChat: There is no limit to the number of group messages, and the number of group messages is limited to 200 people.

Enterprise WeChat: There is no limit on the number of people, all customers can be selected at one time without checking in batches, and group messages are only sent once a week, which does not disturb customers and streamlines corporate information.

8. Customer Moments

Personal WeChat: Unlimited publishing in Moments, easy to swipe the screen, deleted or blocked by customers.

Enterprise WeChat: Now only 3 pieces of content can be displayed to customers every day, and the “Material Cover” and “Signature” functions are now added to the company’s WeChat Moments.


The launch of Enterprise WeChat aims to help enterprises simplify the office process, systematically manage their employees and facilitate enterprise marketing services. Compared with personal WeChat, corporate WeChat has more advantages in private domain operations. For companies who want to fine-tune their customers, using corporate WeChat is the best choice.