Importance of WeChat Marketing in China

WeChat has an important position in China’s social media, known as China’s Facebook.

WeChat marketing is the process of reaching the target audience on WeChat platform, through marketing activities, building relationships with them and cultivating them into target customers. There are several benefits to WeChat marketing:

  • expand potential customers
  • maintain relationships with customers
  • share product/service information timely
  • improve brand influence

How to do WeChat marketing? Taking content marketing on WeChat as an example, we consider the following aspects:

  1. Clarify the goals, target groups and strategies of WeChat marketing.
  2. Analyze popular articles in your industry, including the topics and content, that helps you in content creation.
  3. Write high-quality articles, including attractive topics, clear paragraphs, and detailed content that shows your professionalism, authority, and trustworthiness.
  4. Select the distribution channel to ensure that the articles reach your target audience.
  5. Track the post-published performance, including pageviews, retweets, likes, fan additions, leads, sales, etc.
  6. By analyzing the performance, adjusting the next marketing plan and pursuing the best WeChat marketing results.